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For all the innocent children whose lives have been shattered in Gaza, we say with united hearts: NOT IN OUR NAME... All the killing must stop.

At this moment, one out of every two children under six in Gaza is acutely malnourished and at risk of starvation. Join the world in demanding an immediate ceasefire now in Palestine. Our humanity depends on it. 'Another world is possible, and we pledge to make it real.' #CeasefireNow #NOTINOURNAME #FreePalestine

Peom written and delivered by @SaulWilliams during the invasion of Iraq. The words he spoke then couldn’t by truer now. Prophetic Jewish protestors and activists from around the world are now proclaiming NOT IN OUR NAME in response to the violence being perpetuated upon the humans in Gaza. It belongs to all who are crying for peace and justice.

Directed by @JonathanOlinger
Creative Direction by
Music by @maxllmusic

Created freely for the world by @thehumanstory as an offering for all who believe our humanity is never gained through revenge, violence or killing—especially the killing of children. Share this film with urgency on your own channels. Go to to download now.

Words echoed in chorus by:

Imagery captured by brave photographers who risk so much so that we may see:

Abed Khaled
Abed Rahim Khatib
Ahmad Hasaballah
Ahmed Zakot
Ali Jadallah
Ali Mahmoud
Amar Abu Elouf
Ashraf Amra
Bashar Taleb
Doaa Rouqa
Ezz Zanoun
Fatima Shbair
Haitham Imad
Hatem Ali
Hatem Moussa
Ibraheem Abu Mustafa
Ismael Mohamad
Jehad Alshrafi
Khalil Hamra
Loay Ayyoub
Mahmud Hams
Mahmud Hams
Majdi Fathi
Marwan Saleh
Mohammed Abed
Mohammed Dahman
Mohammed Salem
Mohammed Talatene
Mohammed Zaanoun
Motaz Azaiza
Mustafa Hassona
Omar Al-Dirawi
Said Khatib
Samar Abu Elouf
Sameh Rahmi
Yasser Qudih

via UN, APA Images, Al Jazeera, AFP, AP, Getty Images, Reuters, BBC, Andalu Agency, NYT